The HPX-800 delivers Gigabit Ethernet and TDM services from an SDH network. The HPX-800’s Gigabit capabilities cost-effectively drive E-Line and E-LAN services to the network edge, delivering resilient, managed IP-based services. Consolidating the infrastructure of large network Add/Drop Multiplexers, the HPX-800 achieves both the integrity of TDM and the simplicity of Ethernet in a single, managed unit. The platform delivers traditional TDM E1 services as well as Gigabit Ethernet using VCAT with dynamic LCAS.

An integrated switch fabric ensures maximum bandwidth utilisation by enabling both high order and low order cross connection of tributary services onto available network bandwidth via a user friendly GUI. The platform combines Ethernet and E1 transmission systems over an optical trunk with speeds up to STM-4. Four independently configurable Ethernet interfaces are provided. Each interface supports rate limiting and speeds up to the available trunk bandwidth. Up to 4 E1 interfaces are provided on the base system, expandable to 28 E1’s with the optional expansion module. An STM-1 tributary port provides further expansion and service delivery options.


The HPX-1600-SS is a global solution for STM-1 SDH multi-service access applications. Delivering a wide range of Ethernet, E3, E1, serial data, and voice services in a powerful, yet compact, 1RU package, the HPX-1600-SS offers the ultimate in flexibility. The HPX-1600-SS supports up to 16 hot-swappable line Interface Modules with 2 reserved for optical trunk interfaces and up to 14 available for a combination of voice, data and Ethernet tributary circuits. The SS delivers integrated SDH transmission on dual 155Mbps fibres for ring, linear, and point-to-point topologies with automatic protection (MSP 1+1, SNCP). Impressively suited to a range of applications, the HPX-1600-SS is an ideal CPE device for Broadband Ethernet and TDM, a Digital Access Cross Connect Switching (DACS) to 1024×1024 DS0, a mid-stream grooming element, and a voice and data channel bank.

Voice/Data Transmission

Telephony and industrial control signals over fibre


Complete range of optics with single fibre, CWDM & DWDM options.