Site Connectivity

Whether you need to extend your network to adjacent buildings, inter-connect regional offices, provide a back-up path to a secure data centre or guarantee very high speed access to the Internet, Fibre Options are able to provide cost-effective and resilient solutions to meet your connectivity needs.

Our highly skilled team of engineers are able to install a cable infrastructure within client-owned ducts to support high speed LAN extensions or remote CCTV camera connections. Should ducts not be available, our civil engineering partners are able to provide a secure underground link subject to obtaining suitable permissions.

If network distances exceed those within which a duct installation is cost-effective, we partner with some of the major communications providers to offer secure, high-speed, managed network connections throughout the United Kingdom. Whether you need to connect your broadcast studio to satellite uplink facilities or post production houses or have a requirement to back up your critical data to a hosted data centre service, we supply circuits to meet your needs.

Our involvement in the Fibre to the Premises market means that we are able to purchase back-haul to the Internet at very competitive rates. If your organisation needs faster Internet access than currently available through conventional copper circuits, please contact us.