Integrated Management Software

Control Center offers a user friendly interface to manage large networks of HD Megapixel and analogue cameras over the network. Number Plate Recognition and Point of Sale integrations provide seamless enhancements to the standard system.

HD Pro Cameras

Professional High Definition Megapixel cameras offering the industry’s highest resolutions up to 16MP. CCD technology coupled with professional SLR lenses produce stunning images.

HD IP Cameras

A competitive range of HD Megapixel cameras up to 5MP offering superior image quality. Both domes and conventional body cameras are available for both internal or external applications.

H.264 Cameras

Complementing our range of Megapixel devices, we are also able to offer 1MP and 2MP H.264 cameras for integration into existing IP CCTV networks.

Network Video Recorders

Our NVRs come complete with management software to provide storage facility for up to 24 Megapixel cameras (or 96 analogue cameras via encoders). 4 hour on-site support from the manufacturer is included as standard.

Video Codecs

Allowing conventional analogue fixed and PTZ cameras to be integrated within a Megapixel camera network, these low cost encoders provide seamless integration and a low cost migration path to IP CCTV.

Analogue CCTV

A comprehensive range of conventional CCTV equipment.

IP Video Codecs

Full HD quality over networks with sub 70ms latency.

Industrial Ethernet

Industrial grade switches & media convertors