We are able to provide the design and installation of a wide variety of network infrastructures. Based on either Ethernet or SDH/PDH we are able to offer resilient and robust solutions to transport a wide variety of video, voice and data channels. Our experience encompasses design of communication infrastructures to support water, oil and gas pipelines, electricity distribution networks, wind farms, CCTV systems as well as a wide variety of general network applications.

Our Ethernet solutions enable networks to be designed for the most arduous operating conditions with backbone speeds up to 10Gbps while providing automated protection switching capabilities meeting sub-50msec recovery times. A wide array of copper and fibre interface ports are available with Power over Ethernet options supporting cost-effective IP-CCTV camera installations. We are also able to provide design assistance and implementation for Layer 3 core networks as well as routing and wide area network expertise to enable the inter-connection of remote sites over public networks.

For assured transmission of video, voice and data circuits over conventional networks, our PDH and SDH product offerings offer flexible, cost-effective and compact solutions.  Voice protocols such as FXO, FXS and E&M are able to be transported along with a wide assortment of data channels supporting V.24, X.21, V.35, G.703, E1/E3 and Ethernet. In addition, it is possible to integrate IEEE C37.94 channels within the transport stream to provide secure transmission of tele-protection relay signalling in electricity distribution applications.

STM-4 (OC-12) networks enable the transmission of multiple STM-1, E1 and Ethernet channels over a highly protected and reliable manner. With distances in excess of 70km easily achievable, highly available networks can be configured to provide resilient transmission of control and communication data.