Optical Line Terminal (OLT)

Our range of GPON OLTs are field-hardened and meet all international standards. Supporting up to 64 splits over a 20km radius, they are a highly cost-effective means of delivering triple-play services to residential and business customers.

Featuring a powerful management interface and compact 1U form-factor, they are ideal for broadband delivery to rural communities and mixed-use developments. With 4 full rate GPON ports, the single OLT can support up to 256 subscribers.

Optical Network Terminal (ONT)

We offer a full range of ONTs to support varying user requirements. From a single Gigabit Ethernet port supporting QinQ to multiple 10/100/1000Tx ports these devices are able to provide flexible connectivity for subscribers. Multiple voice ports with SIP functionality are also supported with CATV, wireless and PoE options available for more specific subscriber applications.